A Beeline Into Our Hearts

Sometimes you make a conscious effort to add a new activity or hobby to your life. Perhaps you decide to start running or stamp collecting.  Maybe you learn to knit or you collect rocks….

BUT SOMETIMES your new hobby falls out of the sky and lands on your doorstep. At least that’s what happened to us. No it was not delivered by a new Amazon drone either. One warm, early summer evening my husband and I were in our front yard when a swarm of honeybees came out of the sky. We were literally standing in the middle of bees in all directions. I mean bees everywhere. Not just ten or twenty, but thousands. And they were making a beeline (pun intended) for a column on our front porch. It seems they had decided to move in.

There’s nothing like an uninvited houseguest, right? How about 10,000?

Now let me back up a bit. Our house is older. It is a work in progress. At the top of one of our front porch columns, there was just enough room for these tiny creatures to move in and set up shop. We watched in fascination as they made themselves at home, in our home.

What do you do when bees move in? Well, we called the local extension service. If you’ve never contacted these folks about anything, well you should. They are a wealth of knowledge about your garden, your kitchen, animals, plants, and yes, even bees. Our extension agent encouraged us to leave our new neighbors alone. He figured they might not live through the winter, and the problem would be solved.

So we began to live, side by side, with our new pets. We watched them. Winter came and left. The bees remained…

And that’s how we became beekeepers. We didn’t really choose them, but they knew we needed them. Stayed tuned to hear how we evicted these little honeys out of our home and into our hearts in You Gotta Go Somewhere!

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